6th Young Choreographers Festival / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

6th Young Choreographers Festival

Choreographers in their first explorations

1-2 MAR 2019
Exhibition Hall
Dancers mount the stage at the Onassis Stegi to sweep us away with the energy of a new generation of Greek choreographers. Original creations, inventive choreography in a festival that, each year, makes us reconsider what dance is.
Taking on the challenge of renewal through repetition, upping the ante yet again, the Onassis Stegi will host the sixth annual Young Choreographers Festival—a showcase and incubator for young creators and artistic propositions that are put to the test onstage, while also testing the limits of our own understanding of dance in Greece. The Onassis Stegi also offers nontraditional performance spaces that reorient our view of choreography and its relationship with the audience. These encounters both on and off the stage comprise yet another direction recently adopted by the institution and similarly embraced by the public.

In its rich offerings to date, the Young Choreographers Festival has managed not only to highlight creators in their stage debuts, but also to establish new trends that expand or reevaluate our existing conception of dance. The presence of this festival every year, and the anticipation surrounding it, affirm the Onassis Stegi’s choice to support new work and invest in the future.

OmadaRopis: Depaysement
Exhibition Hall

Danae Dimitriadi & Dionysios Alamanos: ΑΤΜΑ
Upper Stage

PROLET OCD / Margarita Trikka: Defeat
Main Stage

Myrto Grapsa: BRIGHTER
Exhibition Hall 

Elena Antoniou: MAINSTAGE
Main Stage


Curated by: Katia Arfara
Production Management: Dimitra Dernikou

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