Open Day | Heterotopies / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Open Day | Heterotopies

17 MAR 2019
Multiple stages & Outside the Onassis Stegi
Once again, the Onassis Stegi opens its doors to all. The 7th Open Day is dedicated to the avant-garde music of the East, the presentation of various composers and sounds that create a dialogue between East and West, an artistic adventure of reversals and transformations, through events, shows and concerts that will delight all ages.
“Heterotopies”, the first part of a cycle investigating different artistic standpoints, examine the never-ending dialogue between East and West in a “reverse” way. Performers and composers from all over the world find in Western art an innovative force, a direction towards the redefinition and evolution of their cultures. At the same time, the fresh viewpoint that develops “off-centre” changes the Western musical languages and creates new and fascinating idioms of sound.
Musical performances, projections and happenings, in a kaleidoscope of sounds, shapes and aesthetics, will give people of all ages an opportunity to strike their personal course, through “out of this world” places of contemporary art. Like in a game, visitors are invited to reminisce, express wishes, look up names, search for signs and eventually construct their own narrative and viewpoint on the complex, bidirectional experience of the encounter of civilisations.


Concept, Composition, Musicological & Directorial Oversight, Realisations, Orchestrations, Organization: Anargyros Deniozos
Musical Direction: Andreas Levisianos
Lighting: Elina Sfountouri
Organizational Oversight: Valia Rassa
Curator: Sergios Sinanis
Production Management: Dimitra Dernikou, Christina Pitouli
With: Ensemble Continuum (@Athens), Ionian Festival Ensemble

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