For Ever More Images?

Designing a cybermachine for the 21st century

9-22 APR 2019
Exhibition Hall
Which images from the 21st century would we launch into space in a time capsule? Interactive exhibitions, lectures and workshops send us on a voyage into the universe of images all around us and explore the limits on their production, dissemination and signification.
In 1977, the Voyager I and II spacecraft began their interstellar journey. On board, they were carrying audiovisual archives of a sort: golden records recording a message to possible extragalactic recipients, a time capsule for the future encoding and communicating mankind's existence and achievements on planet Earth.

But what would we send today, 40 years on? And what would the images placed inside a similar time capsule mean today? Could they perhaps serve as an alarm message about our planet's uncertain future?

The For Ever More Images? project addresses this question at a time when the images we create and distribute are primarily determined by programming routines, algorithms and automated behaviours.

An exhibition-installation, an interactive cyber-mechanism which constructs time capsules, and a series of lectures and workshops, invite us to take a fresh look at the way we produce, consume, understand and signify the images of our 21st century.


Curated by: Eduardo Cadava, Yorgos Karailias, Yorgos Prinos, Pasqua Vorgia

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