Onassis Youth Festival 2019 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Onassis Youth Festival 2019

19-21 APR 2019
Upper Stage
Students leave the schoolroom and hit the stage. They are “taught” by artists instead of teachers. Adventurous teens are inspired by three adventurous cities: Athens, Alexandria, Beirut. Their vehicle is their own festival, Onassis Youth Festival, which comes to rock the stage.
“And now, I have an idea,” said Aristotle Onassis just before leaving his job as a night phone operator in Buenos Aires. 

In the Onassis Stegi, ideas find their home and teenagers find their festival. For three hours per week, in a frenzy of ideas, improvisation, exercise and intensive rehearsals with influential Greek artists, the students create the most invigorating festival. This year, their inspiration will be the triangle of three amazing, rebellious cities with a wealth of culture and history: Athens, Alexandria, Beirut.

Through real stories of their citizens, memoirs, documents, historical evidence, through prose, theatre and interviews, students pick the stimuli that move them and their ideas become performances that fill the Onassis Stegi Upper Stage. Because the students and their ideas are the great superstars of the Onassis Youth Festival. 


Production and Artistic Supervision: Myrto Lavda
Production Coordination: Eleanna Semitelou, Leonidas Panagopoulos

Collaboration: Aris Laskos & Anastasia Giannaki, Ntouth Theatre company (Vasia Atarian & Myrto Makridi), 4Frontal (Thanasis Zeritis & Aristea Stafylaraki), Cheek-Bones (Stefanos Achilleos & Angelika Stavropoulou), Giorgos Zois & Sania Strimbakou, Martha Bouziouri & Erifili Giannakopoulou, Kostantinos Ntellas & Androniki Marathaki

Produced by: Onassis Stegi

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