Paintelling: Signs and monsters in Athens / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Paintelling: Signs and monsters in Athens

Interactive versions of mythical stories

24 NOV 2018
Onassis Library (Amalias Avenue 56)
For children 6-9 years old
Run fast, we’ve got an important mission: to find the monsters that are terrorizing the city and hiding the rainbow. It’s no simple case, but a true adventure!
Cost: Free Admission
Our group is fearless! We’re not afraid of weaving through honking cars that spew clouds of exhaust, jumping over potholes, traversing dangerous crossings and dark sewers, because we’re on an important mission: to bring back the rainbow the monsters have hidden, stealing it away. You’ll help us find it, right?
In our workshop we’ll share our ideas and together form an impish plan of action. We’ll also imagine how we’d like our own Athens to be, we’ll draw it and tell its stories.


Lida Varvarousi: Author and illustrator

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Addressed to:
children 6-9 years old
Saturday 24 November 2018
Free Admission
Onassis Library (Amalias 56)

Reservation and more info:
T. 210 3713000

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