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What secrets is the city hiding?

Discover the architecture of Athens' urban villages

MAY - JUN 2019
For children 5-8 years old and their parents
How well do you know your city? Pedestrian zones, squares, arcades and buildings tell stories about Athens and its people. Take your parents by the hand and come explore with us different neighbourhoods so that we can understand the role architecture plays in our lives.
Participation cost: 10 € per child plus 10 € per adult (for a total of two meetings at each neighbourhood)
When you live in a city, you may not have time to observe it; its buildings, streets, parks, squares, the way people move in and out of them and whether they enjoy living in it.

So we’ve planned a few strolls through the centre of Athens—in Syntagma, Monastiraki and Psyrri—for you and your parents. As we walk along, we will be recording all the things that make an impression on us, by keeping notes, taking pictures, making sketches or even sound recordings, so that we can study them later and exchange views.

What did we or didn’t we like? What would we change if we were rebuilding the city from scratch? Who lives in these neighbourhoods and what needs do they have? We will discuss these questions, and many more, during a workshop—these are the very questions that architecture poses all the time. In the end, we will all build some architectural models, just like architects do, to show our own architectural proposals.


Manos Babounis: Architect
Emilia Fakou: Teacher, PhD in the Sociology of Education
Orestes Prekas-Patronakis: Civil engineer & teacher
Stefania Vouvoussira: Teacher
Claire Tzoufla: Teacher

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Addressed to:
Children 5-8 years old and their parents
Neighbourhood 1 – Monastiraki/Psyrri | Saturday 11 & 18 May 2019
Neighbourhood 2 – Syntagma | Saturday 1 & 8 June 2019

Participation cost:
10 € per child plus 10 € per adult (for a total of two meetings at each neighbourhood)

Additional terms and conditions:
We will dedicate two two-hour meetings to each neighbourhood.
You can explore just one of the two neighbourhood, or both.
The workshop will be completed in two separate two-hour meetings.
The meeting point for each stroll will be announced before the start of the workshops.

Reservation and more info:
Tel: 213 017 8002

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