Cavafy Archive Research Seminar Series for 2018-19 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Cavafy Archive Research Seminar Series for 2018-19

Researchers of Cavafy’s work share their findings with the public

JAN – JUN 2019
Onassis Library (Amalias Avenue 56)
For scholars, teachers, and students of literature
Join the intellectual current of important researchers of Cavafy’s poetry, follow work-in-progress talks by scholars and academics, and take part in the conversation.
Cost: Free admission
Take part in the conversation around Cavafy’s work.

The work of C. P. Cavafy is the center of the conversation for the third year in a row in the Cavafy Archive Research Seminar Series.

Young researchers, academics, and scholars of Cavafy’s work share their questions, archival evidence, and work in progress with the audience, offering various vantage points that allow audience members to enter the conversation regarding a range of approaches the work of the great Alexandrian poet.

The Archive’s Academic Committee entrusts the curation of the seminars to individuals or groups of researchers.

Thursday 31 January 2019 | 19:00-21:00
From the archive to research: the contribution of bibliographical research to the study of the work of Cavafy

Based on bibliographical research the seminar will examine the various stages of the reception of the work of Cavafy and the contribution of critical studies on Cavafy to research that focuses on the archive.

Dimitris Daskalopoulos: Poet, Bibliographer, Critic
Moderated by Yannis Papatheodorou and Michalis Chryssanthopoulos

Thursday 28 February 2019 | 19:00-21:00

The Cavafy Archive and the literary scene of the interwar period

In the seminar we will examine the links between Cavafy’s archive and the archives of other writers in the interwar period. Cavafy’s traces in other archives,  such as dedications, letters, clippings or books, speak about the structures of the literary scene in the interwar period, and show us the gradual, symbolic prestige the poet’s personality gained during this time, not only in the intellectual life of Alexandria but also in the cultural center of Athens. 

Christina Dounia: Professor of Modern Greek literature University of Athens
Moderated by Yannis Papatheodorou

Thursday 14 March 2019 | 19:00-21:00 | The seminar will be held in English
Dancing in the Dark: Attempts to Reconstruct Cavafy’s Life from Fragments

The problems facing Cavafy's biographers have included the paucity, non-availability and indecipherability of reliable records. The seminar will show how it has still been possible to carry out  original research, with implications for future readings of digitized manuscripts and interpretation of the extant material.

Sarah Ekdawi: Researcher at the University of Oxford
Moderation: Michalis Chryssanthopoulos and Thodoris Chiotis

Thursday 28 March 2019 | 19:00-21:00
The Archive and the transformations of Nature in Cavafy’s work.

In the seminar we will examine what the Archive tells us about the transformations of Nature in the Cavafian poetry. It is generally admitted, that Nature plays a restricted role in Cavafy’s canon. We will try to explore this topic, looking for the genealogy of Nature in his rejected and unpublished poems. And we will see how the Archive could show different aspects of the poet’s art. 

Anastasia Natsina: Assistant Professor of Modern Greek Literature, Department of Philology, University of Crete
Moderation: Yannis Papatheodorou


The curation of the Research Seminars for 2018-2019 has been undertaken by:
Michalis Chryssanthopoulos: Professor or General and Comparative Literature at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Yiannis Papatheodorou: Associate Professor of Modern Greek Literature at the University of Ioannina

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Addressed to:
Scholars, teachers, and students of literature
Entrance is free to the public
Onassis Library (Amalias 56)

January – June 2019

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