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Rewriting the text of the city

Parallel programme in the context of "Space, Sound and the Improvisatory"

Space, Sound and the Improvisatory

20-21 OCT 2018
Outside the Onassis Stegi
All events will be held in English with no translation
An extra muros program exploring sound improvisations, methodologies, technologies and intersections.
Participation is free. Reservations should be emailed to and include the full name of the participant and a contact number.
Hybrid walks, walking shows in the urban palimpsest: The invisible text of the city is rewritten through these hybrid narratives, constantly being recorded in the here and now.

Research and artistic groups are invited to create their own sound walks using the "My City My Sound" application. We welcome "Debating Athens" philosophical soundwalk by Krisi Scientific Review in Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio and "Astrorythmes" performative soundwalk by hd.kepler. art & research platform on sports, pop and constellation at Plato's Academy Park.

In addition to these new creations, the program presents "Soundscapes Landscapes-Rhizome II", a soundwalk by Medea Electronique, produced in 2017. Along with the soundwalks, discussions and presentations are being developed: MediaLab Prado comes from Madrid to present its intense activity in designing and producing applications and interacting with urban and rural communities. While the MU collective, based in Paris, presents its own work, moving towards a new poetics of the urban and of the natural.


Curated by: Angeliki Poulou

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A performative soundwalk by hd.kepler

Saturday, 20th October, 16:00
Meeting point: Plato café (at 15:45) / Address: 61 Tripoleos st., Akadimia Platonos
In the footsteps of Plato, an astral walk from the ancient cemetery to the academy. Where the paths survive, those of humans and those of the sky. Spinning in their own revolutions; diffused, shared, mixed rhythms between the duration of a rotation and the greatest compilation of all time. Pop, sport & constellation.
Concept: hd.kepler.
Sound Application: My City My Sound
Choreography: Aria Boumpaki
Performers: Vasiliki Georgikopoulou, Anthi Savvaki, Venia Stamatiadi, Μarieta Vetta, Vassia Zorbali 
Voice Overs: Nadia Deligianni
Recordings/editing: Figure of Sound
Production: Onassis Stegi

Creative teams meeting
Saturday, 20th October, 18:00
At Plato Café, 61 Tripoleos st. Akadimia Platonos (opposite Plato's Academy Park)
A discussion will be held collecting the experiences of the soundwalk makers on different ways to experience the "My City My Sound" application, mapping and walking.
Thodoris Dimitrakos / Jannis Kozatsas / Costas Passas (Krisi Scientific Review)
hd.kepler. art & research platform (Eleni Riga – Florent Frizet)
Medea Electronique art collective (Manolis Manousakis – Tim Ward)
Debating Athens
A philosophical soundwalk by Thodoris Dimitrakos / Jannis Kozatsas / Costas Passas (Krisi Scientific Review)
Sunday 21st October, 9:30
Meeting Point: Association of Greek Archaeologists (134 Ermou st.), 9:15
The project presents a dialogue developed among three philosophically motivated individuals with different theoretical backgrounds –a Platonic, a Hegelian, and a Marxist– as they walk from Kerameikos to Plato’s Academy. The dialogue is articulated as a series of reflections which are triggered by different historical events that have taken place from the 5th century B.C. to the 20th century A.D. in the wider area called, nowadays, “Metaxourgeio”. The dialogue is expanded on a wide range of issues, while it constantly oscillates between history and philosophy. The Themistoclean wall and the Athenian democracy, the Demosion Sema and the Peloponnesian war, the closure of Plato’s Academy and the Byzantine Empire, the ‘modern’ rebirth of Athens in the 19th century and the European neoclassicism, and, finally, the battle of Athens in December 1944, become historical spots for the three passing-by ‘philosophers’ in order to exchange different thoughts on the concepts of the history and the past, the city and its citizens, the beauty and the freedom, the justice and the class struggle from antiquity to late modernity, etc. Throughout all dialogues, the question about what ‘Athens’ actually is (if such an Athens exists at all) and how ‘it’ moves through the centuries remains always open: sometimes only implied, sometimes explicitly addressed. Surviving buildings and other constructions, as material memorials of the different historical events, become the stops, where the three individuals take a breath and discuss.
Concept & Texts: Thodoris Dimitrakos / Jannis Kozatsas / Costas Passas (Krisi Scientific Review)
Application: My City My Sound
Voice Overs: Alexandra Georgopoulou, Evi Nakou, Panagiotis Neufelt, Eliza Sorogka
Soundscapes: Manolis Manousakis
Recordings/editing: Figure of Sound
Production: Onassis Stegi

Soundscapes Landscapes / Rhizome II / Gazi/Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio
A soundwalk by Medea Electronique
Sunday 21 October, 11:00
Meeting Point: Ε.Δ.Ω. Creative Workshops Space
18 Profitou Daniil st., Kerameikos, Athens
Stegi Onassis and "Soundscapes Landscapes" create a nexus of stories in the city. Artists who work in sound and images explore a new form of digital art-mapping in downtown Athens neighborhoods: Gazi, Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio.
A project at the intersection of art, technology, audio research and field recording which also provides a gateway into the anthropology and sociology of the city through its interviews and real-life stories, soundscapes, compositions and poetry.
Click here for instructions for downloading the app

Production management: Manolis Manousakis
Curator & texts: Angeliki Poulou
App Design: Tim Ward
Sound Artists: Manolis Manousakis, Tim Ward, Costas Bokos, Vassilis Kountouris (Studio 19st), Alexandros Drymonitis, Marinos Koutsomichalis
Video Artists: Panagiotis Goumpouros, Cleopatra Korai, Michael Tebinka
Virtual Reality Programming: Vicky Bisbiki, Michael Tebinka, Panagiotis Goumpouros, Cleopatra Korai
3D Visual Art: Vicky Bisbiki
PD Programming: Alexandros Drymonitis
Graphic Design: Yannis Lolis
Recitation: Sara Bislanis, Nadia Deligianni, Stavros Loukeris, Gregory Patrick Karr, Giorgos Antonopoulos
Translation: Memi Katsoni, Anna Papaeti

A project by Medea Electronique, 2016-2017
Produced by: Onassis Stegi
Powered by: Cosmote

App by ZKM 
The app is developed in partnership with the Onassis Cultural Centre and Medea Electronique as part of the Interfaces project. 
Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
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App designers round table
Sunday, 21st October, 12:00-13:30
With MU Collective (FR) & MediaLab Prado (ES)
Moderator: Gascia Ouzounian
at Ε.Δ.Ω.
MediaLab Prado (Patricia Dominguez Larrondo & Jesús Jara López) is coming from Madrid to present its intense activity in designing and producing applications and interacting with communities. While the MU collective (Olivier Le Gal & Rodolphe Alexis), based in Paris, presents its own work, moving towards a new poetics of the urban and environmental.
Moderated by: Gascia Ouzounian
MEDIALAB PRADO (Patricia Dominguez Larrondo & Jesús Jara López)
This event involved the use of the sound app "noTours" that was designed by a group of experimental sound artists called "Escoitar" with the collaboration of a street theatre company called "Impromadrid". They mixed the sound geolocation properties of noTours app with some improvised theatre pieces on the streets around "Barrio de las Letras". The aim was to tell the story of the neighborhood and local stores through the audios on the app played while walking and mixed them with the pieces played on the street.
This was developed by a team of designers, sound technicians, actors and app developers. It works as a research on the memories of local people from Usera in Madrid. By asking them to tell the stories of the streets of their neighborhood, then re-acting them by professional writers and recording the sounds of the plays from the very same places where those stories happen, the creators of "Storywalker" wanted to give back to the city the memories that belong to them. Now the result can be downloaded as an app.

COLLECTIF MU (Olivier Le Gal & Rodolphe Alexis)
SoundWays App
"SoundWays" is a platform dedicated to creating, editing and sharing sound creations in audio augmented reality. Available on mobile, "SoundWays" offers a spatial listening of the sound according to the path, the orientation and the geolocalisation of the user: a re-listening in-vivo and psycho-acoustic of the territory through radio, musical or documentary creations. "SoundWays" offers complete solutions for organizations and institutions wishing to experiment with new forms of museum or event communications.

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