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Composing sounds using digital apps

Do you want to learn how everyday sounds may become music? Create your own composition using digital tools.


JAN – APR 2019
For middle and high grade students
Did you know that music can be something like a Lego construction? That you can use plain, everyday sounds to build your musical composition step by step? In this workshop, we will show you how to do it through digital technology.
Cost: Free admission
What is a musical composition? And how hard can it be? “Not too hard,” is our answer, as you are bound to find out.

Because in this workshop we will use plain, everyday sounds and recordings that we have prepared for you, and you can turn them into a composition with the help of a program called Compose with sounds and create your own piece. We will also teach you how you can tweak with the character, duration and rhythm, so that you can express yourself in your work.

At the same time, you, your schoolmates and your teachers (who must be really great, since they’ve suggested something so creative) will find out how to use a very smart digital tool that you can later exploit by yourselves in other fields like technology and art. At the end of the programme, you will present your own compositions.


Thaleia Ioannidou: Musician-sound artist
Dimitris Patsaros: Musical producer & sound designer
Michalis Moschoutis: Musician
Vassilis Tzavaras: Musician

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Αddressed to:
Middle and High school students

January – April 2019

High schools in Attica

Free admission

Application and Evaluation:
Apply at: till the 31th of October 2018.
Replies expected by the 20th of November 2018. 

Μore info:
T: 213 017 8002

Software developed by the Music, Technology and Innovative Research Centre of De Montfort University.
Interfaces is an innovative project, aiming to bring contemporary music to new wider audiences. An Onassis Stegi initiative, cofounded by the EU programme “Creative Europe”, Interfaces connects nine associates and eight European countries, aiming to promote contemporary music in Europe.

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