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We turn works of art into sounds

Find your own music with the help of musicians and visual artists drawing inspiration from a contemporary work of art.


FEB – MAY 2019
For vocational school students
A picture is not only a thousand words, it is a thousand sounds. And we are here to prove it. Come and observe a contemporary work of art from up close and then turn it into music. Isn’t that really something? Visual artists and musicians will join you in the museum and at your school and they are there to help you imagine new sounds and make your own composition.
Cost: Free admission
Museums are waiting for you to give sound to contemporary works of art.

Have you even felt like you’ve just discovered a whole new world while observing a work of art? What would it be like if you lived there? What would you see or hear? What would the air smell like? How would you feel?

You will write down your thoughts, draw, experiment with new musical instruments, record them on your smartphone, explore smart software on the computer.

Using all that, you’ll turn your ideas to music. Visual artists and musicians who will come with you to the museum and then to the school where you will all work together will explain the way the two art forms are linked. You never know. It may even give you ideas about your future occupation. 


The musicians: Yannis Kotsonis, Stefanos Konstantinidis, Savvas Metaxas, Iakovos Steinhauer, Nassos Sopilis.

The workshop is held as part of the international interdisciplinary programme Interfaces, inspired by the programme Creative Workshops ((Ateliers de la création) realised in France, an initiative of IRCAM (A science institute pertaining to music and sound - specifically t avant-garde electroacoustic music) and Centre Pompidou (National Museum of Modern Art) with the participation/collaboration of a number of vocational senior high schools.

"Interfaces" is an innovative project aiming to bring contemporary music to a wider new audience. An Onassis Stegi initiative with the support of the Creative Europe programme, Interfaces brings together nine partners and eight European countries, aiming to popularize contemporary music in Europe.

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This year, the Onassis Stegi collaborates with the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens and the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki as part of the European programme Interfaces. Museum educators, visual artists and musicians/composers help you build a bridge between the two arts. You and your schoolmates will visit the museum twice to explore contemporary artworks and then in three sessions in your school, you will compose your own unique musical pieces.

Αddressed to:
Vocational school students
February-May 2019
Free admission

Conditions: There will be 9 three-hour sessions to be held once a fortnight; two sessions will be held in the museum, six in class and the last session and presentation of the programme will be held either in the Onassis Stegi or in the collaborating museums. What is considered vital is the active participation/collaboration of educators from all fields of study in the interim between two sessions to further process the material and the concepts covered in the programme.

Application and selection process:
Apply at: education@sgt.gr till the 31th of October 2018.
Replies expected by the 20th of November 2018. 

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