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Create a bag with your imagination

A visual arts workshop where children grasp the power of teamwork through the magic of creativity

FEB – MAR 2019
For children 7-15 years old
What materials do you need to make an ‘imaginary’ bag? In this visual arts workshop, children become a team, give free rein to their creativity and hone their unique skills.
Cost: Free admission
A rainbow made of tempera paints, a leaf made of clay, a colour print on cloth, gold dust, even a self-portrait collage: all of this can fit inside an ‘imaginary’ bag.

Very simple materials and imagination is all that is needed to participate in the visual arts workshop “Create an imaginary bag”. Through teamwork, being with others and positive interaction, children will create small works of art, developing their particular skills and enhancing self-esteem and mutual respect.

As they complete the workshop, they will have made an ‘imaginary’ bag containing all of their creations, with many new friendships and colourful memories as well.


Katerina Zervou: Visual artist – Special & General Education Teacher, Art Therapist (MA in Art Therapy)
Wanda Panagiotou: Special Education Teacher (MA in Special Education)

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Αddressed to:
children 7-15 years old, with or without disability
This activity is open to foundations and children’s homes that host children with or without disability, and extends over four sessions

Foundations and children’s homes in Attica


Free admission
Applications should be submitted to
An application should be submitted by the Principal of the Foundation or Institution in question. The selection procedure and final results will be announced in January 2019.

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