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Repair, reuse, recycle

Upcycling: learn how to reuse materials to create new and useful objects and applications

2-3 FEB 2019
For parents with children 8–12 years old
Over a two-day workshop, we learn the 3Rs—repair, reuse, recycle—by dismantling old computers and making something spectacular out of the bits, plus other materials.
Cost: 12 € per child & 12 € per adult  (for both sessions) (for both sessions)
In Sweden, the government provides tax incentives for repairing or reusing certain goods, while there are no fewer than 15... shopping centres that only sell upcycled products.

Upcycling is a way of life that teaches us materials should only ever be recycled if we can't find a use for them as they are in our daily lives.

In this two-day workshop, parents and children are invited to become... Gyro Gearloose, creating something new out of parts taken out of old electronics plus other materials.

We will open up old electronic devices to see what they have hidden inside their brain and how we can put their innards to good use. We'll exchange ideas, work together and, something tells us that by the end, we will have created something... truly spectacular together.


Antonis Kanouras: Robotics Engineer—Founder of Robotixlab

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Addressed to:
Parents with children 8–12 years old

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 February 2019


12 € per child & 12 € per adult  (for both sessions)

Onassis Stegi

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T. 213 017 8002

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