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Gaming: designing our own games

19-20 JAN 2019
For children 8-12 years old
Be afraid, Monopoly! Be very afraid! Because we're about to make our very own board game. We'll be using paper and glue, paint, a 3D printer and a computer for programming on. What for exactly? To play a game.
Cost: € 20 (for both sessions)
Are you passionate about board and video games? Do you get annoyed when you lose? Do you sometimes come up with new rules that you think make a game more fun to play?

Then come and join our team! Because in this workshop we'll learn about gamification, the logic which underlies every game, whether it's played on a board or a screen, informing the rules, the player interaction, the accessories. And we'll pass the baton on to our imaginations as we wrack our brains to come up with the craziest game ever.

Then we'll choose one all together to design and build using paper and glue, scissors and coloured markers. We'll design 3D components, too (pieces or pawns, for example, or other props) and print them on a 3D printer, and we will also use technology to programme an element of the game: digital dice, for instance.

Can you guess what we'll do after that? Duh! We'll play our new games, of course!


Antonis Kanouras: Robotics Engineer—Founder of Robotixlab

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Addressed to:
Children 8-12 years old

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 January 2019


Onassis Stegi

20 € (for both sessions)

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T: 213 017 8002

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