Workshop on the organization and access policy of archival sources / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Workshop on the organization and access policy of archival sources

“an unsigned watercolor”

Spring 2019
For archivists, literary scholars, researchers, students
At event, we will learn about best practices for the organization of and access to archival sources and literary documents, with the Cavafy archive as our point of departure.
Cost: Free admission
The word “archive” no longer makes us think of dusty shelves weighted down with heavy books. Digital archives comprise a fundamental source of literary, sociological, and historical information for today’s researcher. The digital treasures of the Cavafy archive are available for all to use, attracting researchers from all over the world. But do we know how to employ this digitized archive as creatively as possible, and how to incorporate the material we find in it into our teaching and research? The rich and innovative utilization of the archive is of course not only a matter of teaching or research, but also of our own individual, intellectual engagement.

This event, “An unsigned watercolor”, organized by the Cavafy Archive, opens a very timely conversation regarding the organization and management of literary documents. Taking the Alexandrian poet’s archive as our starting point, we will treat broader questions regarding the fair use or archival sources, their incorporation into research and teaching, best practices and innovative achievements, as well as approved practices for managing archival material that ensure open access and fair use of digital archives.


Theodoros Chiotis: Coordinator of Scholarly Research and Digital Development 
Amalia Pappa: Deputy Director of the General State Archives, Head of the Library and Reading Room Department of the General State Archives -Central Service
Prodromos Tsiavos: Head of Digital Development at the Onassis Cultural Centre

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Addressed to:
Archivists, literary scholars, researchers, students
Entrance is free to the public
Onassis Library (Amalias 56)

Spring 2019

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