YELP Dance Company


18 - 20 December 2010
Upper Stage
<em>Lebenswelt</em> is the final part in the S trilogy, which was inspired by the philosophy of Edmund Husserl, who uses the term ‘Lebenswelt’ to define the world we each perceive around us. In this work, the worlds of the two dancers coexist with a third: that of the audience.
22 € | Concs 12 €
Lebenswelt, a work by the YELP Dance Company and choreographed by Mariela Nestora, follows the tale of a duet in a space where living forms meld with video projections. It is the last part in the S trilogy, which was inspired by the philosophy of Edmund Husserl, the founder of phenomenology, who uses the term ‘Lebenswelt’ to define the world which we each perceive around us. In this work, then, the worlds of the two dancers coexist with a third: the world of the audience.

This looks ahead to the future of the work, which YELP aim to develop into an installation, an undertaking in which Nestora’s collaborations with the team members who designed the costumes, sound, space and video as well as the dancers are of the utmost importance. Which is why one aim of the entire S series has been to mould and develop a central concept through the interaction of various media with the complex corporeality the dancers are invited to explore.

Within this framework, the coexistence of the two (or more) subjective worlds presented in Lebenswelt ushers in moments of paradox which generate doubt, decay and perhaps fear, too, of the Other—of difference. There is no shortage of conflict and misunderstanding between the two protagonists, but there is also compassion, tenderness and hope. Ultimately, their physical and psychological behavior is defined by their need for a shared reality, and they often seem willing to abandon their personal freedoms in exchange for feeling safer, more replete. For as the choreographer herself suggests, might ‘we’ brook fewer questions that ‘I’?


Choreography: Mariela Nestora
Music: ILIOS, François Couperin 
Costume Design: Antonis Volanakis
Set Design: Antonis Daglidis 
Video: Louizos Aslanidis
Lighting Design: Sakis Birbilis
Performers: Ioanna Toubakari, Kosmas Kosmopoulos, Nikoletta Karmiri, Iris Karagian, Rania Glimitsa, Paris Erotokritou, Christos Papadopoulos, Nikos Kamondos, Kyriakos Chatzioannou, Nikos Spanatis 

Costume Production:
Assistant to Costume Designer: Konstandina Skepetari

Director of Photogrpahy: Petros Noussias
Camera operator: Alexis Iosifidis
Video Edting: Louizos Aslanidis
Video Production: EKSO productions

Composition: François Couperin, Leçons de ténèbres, 1
Harpsichord: Markellos Chrysikopoulos
Counter Tenor: Nikos Spanatis
Sound Engineer: Nikos Dionysopoulos
Editing/Mastering: Dimitris Karakandas

Texts: George K. Psaltis
Voice: Marilena Rasidaki

Photographs: Michalis Kloukinas
Assistant to Production: Dionysis Flevotomos

YELP Dance Company would like to thank photo studio KITAO, Kostas Moschos and IEMA (Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics), Music Library of Greece - Lilian Voudouri, Fanis Karagiorgos, Andreas Loukakos, Diego Ligouri, Katia Savrami and Andreas Rama.

Co-production: Onassis Cultural Centre and YELP Dance Company
The production is funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Tourism

23 - 26 Mar 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
22 € | Concs 12 €


Mandafounis/ Mazliah/ Zarhy Cover up

11 - 12 Dec 2010

17:00 Main Stage
Free admission | Coupon required for the entrance


Inauguration of the Onassis Cultural Centre Open to the public