Savina Yannatou & Constantinople / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Savina Yannatou & Constantinople

10 March 2011
Main Stage
Sappho’s poetry provides the spark for a delightful collaboration between internationally celebrated artists, such as Savina Yannatou, Yiota Festa and the Constantinople ensemble, with poetry readings embellished by vocal and instrumental improvisations.
15 - 25 - 30 €
Concs 10 - 15 €
La nuit aux 1000 oreilles – Poetry of Sappho

Ancient Greece continues to inspire contemporary artists around the world to this day. Sappho remains an outstanding figure two thousand six hundred years after her death, an archetypal example of sensitivity to poetry and music. Sappho is universally considered the most important lyric poet of antiquity, with Plato calling her “wise” and the “tenth Muse”, Anacreon dubbing her “sweet-voiced, Julian “a female Homer” and Strabo a “marvellous creature”.

Sappho’s poetry here provides the spark for a delightful on-stage collaboration between internationally celebrated artists with poetry readings embellished by vocal and instrumental improvisations, original contemporary compositions and fragments of ancient Greek music. A mirror held up to the creative approach, an invitation for aesthetic pleasure. “Someone will remember us”, writes Sappho, by way of prophesy and aspiration; this artistic encounter proves her right.

Savina Yannatou, the renowned Greek singer, has a repertoire which includes Greek songs, Early Music, jazz and the avant-garde and a reputation which extends well beyond her native shores. The award-winning Constantinople ensemble draws its inspiration from the musical traditions of the Mediterranean and from Mediaeval and Renaissance Europe. Having travelled the world playing their music since 1999, the ensemble also has numerous recordings to its credit. For her part, Lori Freedman has been called a “musical revolutionary” and has made a name for herself as one of the world’s most creative and groundbreaking exponents of contemporary music; indeed, no fewer than forty-five composers have written solo clarinet works for her. Yiota Festa, the well-known Greek actress, will be reciting from Sappho’s poetry.


Savina Yannatou: vocals
Lori Freedman: clarinet
Yiota Festa: reading
Kiya Tabassian: setar, artistic direction
Pierre-Yves Martel: viola da gamba
Ziya Tabassian: percussion