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angeliki stellatou - stavros gasparatos

seven deadly sins

19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31 March 201120:3001, 02 April 201120:30
Main Stage
The two artists join forces to co-define the spirit of collaboration between two art-forms that have been flirting with one another since time began: dance and music.
8 - 12 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 32 € 
Concs 10 - 15 €
Angeliki Stellatou (movement) and Stavros Gasparatos (music) join forces to co-define the spirit of collaboration between dance and music: art-forms that have been flirting with one another since time began. Open to dialogue in their creative coexistence, they encouraged music and dance to influence one another and contribute to a production in equal measure.

Imbued with their concerns about the human condition, the production dwells on the pain of the human soul and Man’s endless struggle to free himself of guilt and simply exist. Their preoccupation with the “seven deadly sins” gave rise to a series of fundamental, bothersome and possibly unanswerable questions: What does ‘sin’ mean today? How do we exist in a social environment that feeds and stimulates greed and arrogance while condemning them? How can pleasure be separated from guilt? How does the body experience guilt, and what punishments does the ‘sinful’ soul impose on itself ?

The company isn’t searching for answers; rather, it wants to share with the audience a world wrought from their seductive and fascinating encounters with sin. The piece was built up gradually with an emphasis on the complementary nature of its dual cores—music and dance—and on achieving an interaction between sound and the body that would transform the latter into music. All together, the eleven dancers and five musicians performing live on stage will try to give the “margin for error”—within which daring and instinctive communication can generate sincere depositions—a chance. Familiar material like the simple, measured everyday movements was deemed essential and framed by musical phrases with a classic and electronic sound, creating a web of inter-relationships: dancers/musicians, movement/music, musicians/movement, dancers/music.


Director-Choreography: Angeliki Stellatou
Music Compositions: Stavros Gasparatos
Set Design: Christophoros Brellis
Lighting Design: Sakis Birbilis
Costumes: Despina Makarouni
Video:, Kostas Gikas
Assistant Choreographer: Daphne Stefanou
Assistant Composer: Yiorgos Poulios
Dancers: Ioanna Apostolou, Panagiotis Argyropoulos, Yiorgos Bondaris, Rania Glymitsa, Tassos Karachalios, Roula Koutroubeli, Iris Kyriakopoulou, Katerina Liondou, Cecil Mikroutsikou, Aleksander Qejvanaj, François Renault

Anastassis Missyrlis: cello
Dionysis Vervitsiotis: violin
Themis Symvoulopoulos: percussion
Dimitris Choundis: saxophone
Yiorgos Poulios: electronics

Production: Onassis Cultural Centre
Production Line: Prologos
Production Management: Nikos Athanassopoulos, Vassilis Koutsavlis
Set Construction: Lazaridis Scenic Studio

23 Mar 2011

22:30 Main Stage


After-performance talk with Angeliki Stellatou and Stavros Gasparatos


11 - 20 Feb 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
22 € | Concs 12 €


RootlessRoot Eyes in the Colors of the Rain

11 - 12 Dec 2010

17:00 Main Stage
Free admission | Coupon required for the entrance


Inauguration of the Onassis Cultural Centre Open to the public