Vougiouka/Tzovanakis/ Rossopoulos/ Frangopoulos / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Vougiouka/Tzovanakis/ Rossopoulos/ Frangopoulos

ianemta: the sounds of the park

14 - 15 May 2011
Upper Stage
Vougiouka and Tzovanakis perform music by Rossopoulos and classical works as the everyday <em>Sounds of the Park</em> unfold.
25 € | Concs 15 €
The park is more than an expanse of green: it is a space that hosts and delimits its visitors’ social interactions, which brings their thoughts and emotions to the surface where they can express love, violence, loneliness. It is the natural space in which everyone can set themselves free and connect with others in any way they choose. Music plays the lead in the narrative of the park’s world-in-miniature, with a special duo—Korina Vougiouka on guitar and Thodoris Tzovanakis on piano—playing music which Tassos Rossopoulos wrote especially for the performance along with transcriptions of classical works.
The performance’s overall musical structure is underscored by the lighting and an eclectic video projection. Immersed in electronic and ambient sounds, the audience is transported into the park of the production or of their dreams... With the help of the lighting and the imagery, the fragmentary narrative and the sound design, the works acquire dimensions over and above their acoustic substance, underscoring and highlighting subtle manifestations of human relationships, habits and emotions.
The everyday tales of the park unfold over the course of a single day, which is in no way limiting. After all, the entire plot of Joyce’s vast Ulysses also takes place over one day: June 16, 1904, the date on which Joyce first walked out with his future wife, Nora. Apparently, he would leave her waiting for him in the park...


Korina Vougiouka: guitar
Theodoros Tzovanakis: piano
Tassos Rossopoulos: concept, original score, transcriptions, sounds
Konstantis Frangopoulos: concept, direction, video & visuals

Savina Yannatou: recorded voices

Tassos Bakasietas: sound engineering, recording & editing
Yorgos Argyroiliopoulos: lightings
Phaedra Soutou: choreography
Margarita Trikka, Yorgos Stavrianos: dancers
Viky Stavrakaki: costumes