Borderline Festival

The Skein (Andrea Parkins & Jessica Constable) / Alva Noto

2 Apr 201121:00Upper Stage
One-day ticket: 20 € | Concs 15 €
Two-day ticket: 35 € | Concs 25 €
Three-day ticket: 50 € | Concs 35 €
In the three-day Borderline Festival experimentation entails participation and personal interpretation, not austerity and academic approaches; it is open and poetic.
“[...] a writing with pneumatic, electronic, or gaseous indifferent supports [...] embracing all that flows and counterflows, the gushings of mercy and pity knowing nothing of meanings and aims [...] the pure process that fulfils itself, and that never ceases to reach fulfilment as it proceeds – art as ‘experimentation’.”
Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari [Anti-Oedipus, 1973]

“A work should include its environment, is always experimental [unknown in advance]”
John Cage [Themes and Variations, 1980]

Borderline: lines of demarcation.
The three-day festival attempts to create artistic conditions that probe various lines of demarcation, challenging the prejudice that comes with conditions of identity, and the contradictions that underlie this ever-fluid condition, in an indirectly and subtle way; using experimentation to undermine the concept of division, but without ignoring the different sublayers that define distinct artistic approaches.

The programme will highlight the individuality of each artist, while seeking to achieve a counterpoint and interactivity between them in spatial, musical and audience terms. Distancing itself from psychological symbolisms, stasis and the lack of contact that comes with specialization, Borderline’s focus is on restlessly playful, relentlessly rhythmic movement, on instability and on formal variety.

And because, for some, the term ‘experimentation’ calls to mind the austerity of manifestos or academic approaches, we imagine building our three-day festival and the prospects entailed by the above as a call to participation and as personal interpretation; as something open—hence multidimensional—and poetic.

The Skein (a.k.a. Andrea Parkins & Jessica Constable)
From Andrea Parkins’ effects-processed accordion to Jessica Constable’s vocals, The Skein is a duo which produces a dynamic electro-acoustic mix in which everything is in a constant state of searching and disruption. An underlying bluesy feel is forever being led off on tangents. A rough-edged, visceral ensemble much given to improvisation.

Αlva Noto
Alva Noto is eternally torn between his underground lyricism and the cool austerity of his diamond-sharp aesthetic. He shades minimal, rhythmic wholes with tone colour and introduces tensions into lyric works like his collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto. He will also be creating rhythmic digital movements in this supremely audiovisual performance.