Inauguration of the Onassis Cultural Centre / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Inauguration of the Onassis Cultural Centre

Open to the public

December 11 & 12, 2010
17:00 - 24:00
Main Stage
7 hours
(2 hours programme for each coupon-holder)
The Onassis Cultural Centre is coming to town and opening its doors to the public over a two-day inauguration, on December 11 & 12.
Free admission | Coupon required for the entrance
The Onassis Cultural Centre is coming to town and opening its doors to the public over a two-day inauguration, on December 11 & 12, featuring artists who will be appearing during the 2010-2011 season.

Coupon required for the entrance. Each entrance coupon corresponds to a two-hour stay in the OCC and encompasses at least one production. We felt this time restriction was the best way to enable us to welcome as many people as possible to our inauguration.

Entrance coupons will be available from:
* athinorama magazine 
* radio stations: KOSMOS 93,6 / ERA Third Programme 90,9 / ERA Second Programme 103,7 / En Lefko 87,7 / Best Radio 92,6
* bookstores Eleftheroudakis, Papasotiriou and Public

Distribution will begin on December 1. More information on how coupons can be acquired from these radio stations will be posted in the days to come.
The programme is the same on both days and features:

ORCHESTRA OF COLOURS / Dimitri Mitropoulos, Hyppolytus
MAIN STAGE / 18:00-18:40
Narration: Filareti Komninou, Nikos Psarras / Choral coaching: Melina Peonidou / Artistic oversight: Yannis Sabrovalakis / Direction: Vassilis Nikolaidis / Conductor: Miltos Logiadis

Dimitri Mitropoulos composed his Hyppolytus for the National Theatre of Greece production directed by Dimitris Rontiris at the Theatre of Herodes Atticus in 1937. It is a superb example of the way in which the great composer and conductor approached ancient drama through a modern musical idiom. In choosing this work to inaugurate both the OCC’s musical programme and our collaboration with the Orchestra of Colours, we are also honouring one of Greek music’s greatest figures in this, the 50th anniversary of his death.

LORENDA RAMOU – Pierre Boulez, 12 notations / Dimitris Dragatakis, Antiques
UPPER STAGE / 18:00-18:30

Pierre Boulez’s 12 notations are a series of pianistic haiku written just after the end of World War ΙΙ in 1945, when the composer was 20 years old. Violent outbursts coexist with a lyrical inwardness and influences from the musical trends of the era. The eight miniatures that together comprise Dimitris Dragatakis’ Antiques, which were inspired by copies of ancient sculptures made by Grigoris Semitekolo and dedicated to the pianist Nelly Semitekolo, reveal unexpected parallels with Boulez’s work. However, if the 12 notations are entirely representative of their era, Antiques provides a bridge between its era (1972) and a distant, primeval past on the verges of myth. A special piano concert by Lorenda Ramou.

UPPER STAGE / 19.30-20.00
Choreographed & performed by Ioannis Mandafounis & May Zarhy

A production based on HUE, a work tracing the borders between presence and absence performed by seven of William Forsythe’s dancers in Frankfurt in 2007.

MAIN STAGE / 20:00-20:45
A performance based on Goethe’s Theory of Colours
Translation: Pavlos Klimatsakis / Conception, direction, set design: Yannis Scourletis / Music: Kostas Dalakouras / Video: Efthimis Theodosis / Dramaturgy: Katerina Konstantinakou / Assistant Director: Pericles Pravetas / Assistant stage designer: Savvas Artopoulos / Assistant costume designer: Deo Liakoura / Communication: Aris Asproulis / Cast: Katerina Misichroni, Dimitris Passas, Galini Hadzipaschali

Bijoux de Kant, a company which has worked systematically with Romanticism and with Goethe in particular, here presents its version of the Theory of Colours and puts a singular company of travelling players on stage. An alternative biography of the German poet in which music and video both have crucial roles to play.

KANIGUNDA THEATRE COMPANY - City-state (a work in progress)
UPPER STAGE / 20.30-20.45
Dramaturgy: Kanigunda Theatre Company / Direction: Yannis Leontaris / Sets & Costumes: Thalia Istikopoulou / Lighting: Maria Gozadinou / Assistant Set & Costume designer: Georgia Bourda / Cast: Maria Kehagioglou, Maria Maganari, Rebecca Tsiligaridou, Anthe Efstratiadou, Efthimis Theou

The core materials and structure of City-state, a production the Kaniguda Theatre Company will be staging in April 2011, here stand revealed. An extract with the rhythms and the ‘feel’ of a performance.

adLibdances - Oh! Deep Sea-Corpus IV
UPPER STAGE / 22.00 - 22.30
Choreography: Katerina Papageorgiou, alias Kat Válastur / Dramaturgy: Nikos Flessas / Music: Thomas Mahmoud / Costumes: Benjamin Klunker / Performers: Ligia Manuela Lewis, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou

Oh! Deep Sea-Corpus IV, the second work in Katerina Papageorgiou’s Odyssey project, is inspired by the Lotus Eaters episode. What does ‘forgetting’ mean, and how necessary is it in an era which forces you to know who you are?

STAVROS GASPARATOS – Music for the stage
MAIN STAGE / 22:00-22:30
Stavros Gasparatos: piano, electronics / Anastassis Missyrlis: cello / Dionysis Vervitsiotis: voilin / Themis Symvoulopoulos: vibraphone, percussion / Yiorgos Poulios: electronics

A thirty-minute concert with older incidental compositions by Stavros Gasparatos for the theatre and for dance, along with premiers of works which prefigure his collaboration with Angeliki Stellatou in seven deadly sins at the OCC in March.

GROUND FLOOR / 22:30-24:00
Eva Kotanidi: vocals / Manos Loutas: bass / Giorgos Zervos: guitar & vocals / Kostis Vazouras: brass & vocals / Pantelis Benetatos: piano / Marios Ioannou: drums


Choreography: Mariela Nestora / Music: ILIOS / Costumes: Antonis Volanakis, Konstantinos Zamanis, Tatiana Suhoruhov

Characters from different works in the YELP company’s repertoire, 2001-2010, meet unexpectedly in the OCC entrance and foyer. The meeting evolves into a dialogue between architecture and dance.

Concept: Manolis Manousakis & Michael Larsson / Direction: Michael Larsson & Lokey / Writing: Michael Larsson & Manolis Manousakis / Music: Manolis Manousakis / Video Art & Animation: Lokey, Christos Laskaris / Installation & Set Design: Christos Laskaris / Sound installation: Thodoris Zioutos, Manolis Manousakis / Actors: Maria Goula, Yannis Evangelidis / Curator: Elli-Anna Peristeraki / Surround Mastering: Studio 19 - Kostas Bokos / Production: Medea Electronique 

Medea Electronique’s audiovisual sculpture installation Monotony was inspired by Constantine Cavafy’s poem of the same name and Raoul Vaneigem’s The revolution of everyday life. The Medea Electronique art company—their name a clear allusion to New Media—was founded in 2006 by independent artists who express themselves in a range of artistic idioms including music, sculpture and video art.

18 - 20 May 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
22 € | Concs 12 €


adLibdances Οh! Deep Sea - Corpus II

26 Apr - 13 May 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
22 € | Concs 12 €


Kanigunda Theatre Company city-state

23 - 26 Mar 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
22 € | Concs 12 €


Mandafounis/ Mazliah/ Zarhy Cover up

19 Mar - 2 Apr 2011

20:30 Main Stage
8 - 12 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 32 € 
Concs 10 - 15 €


angeliki stellatou - stavros gasparatos seven deadly sins

5 - 6 Feb 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
25 € | Concs 15 €


Lorenda Ramou & Medea Electronique Goya - Beethoven: The Path to Silence

14 - 30 Jan 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
22 € | Concs 12 € 


bijoux de Kant Werther

23 Dec 2010

20:30 Main Stage
15 - 20 - 30 - 40 € | Concs 10 - 15€


Orchestra of Colours Three Folk Suites: Holst / Bartók / Shostakovich

18 - 20 Dec 2010

21:00 Upper Stage
22 € | Concs 12 €


YELP Dance Company Lebenswelt