1 - 2 Mar 201221:00Upper Stage
18 € | Concs 10 €
This fine ensemble of contemporary music will perform works by Dimitris Papageorgiou, Steingrimur Rohloff, Antonis Anissegos, Carlos Stella, Kaija Saariaho and Dimitris Economou, all of them written for the trio.
Trio IAMA is one of very few Greek ensembles that have specialized in contemporary music. Now, the three sibling musicians—Jannis Anissegos on flute, Maria Anissegou on cello and Antonis Anissegos on piano—have moved one step further and invited young composers to write works for the trio. The concert programme will include works by Dimitris Papageorgiou, Dimitris Economou, Antonis Anissegos, Kaija Saariaho, Steingrimur Rohloff and Carlos Stella, written for the IAMA Trio.
Jannis Anissegos: flutes
Maria Anissegou: cello
Antonis Anissegos: piano


Dimitris Papageorgiou
In the Vestige of the Present

Kaija Saariaho

Antonis Anissegos


Steingrimur Rohloff

Carlos Stella
Brahms im Spiegelkabinett

Dimitris Economou
Vox Oblique