Borderline Festival 2012 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Borderline Festival 2012

7 - 8 April 2012
Upper Stage
7 April: Erdem Helvacioglou / Trevor Wishart <br />8 April: Spunk / Floridis, Zingaro, Montera
20 € / 24 € two-day ticket
Concs 15 € / 18 € two-day ticket
Borderline explores the frontier zones of contemporary music, convinced that today’s most interesting developments are taking place where the dividing line between noise and music is being renegotiated, and where acoustic and electronic sound are drawing on each other for their mutual enrichment. The artists in this year’s Borderline festival are as far removed from academicism as they are from Pop. While they draw their inspiration from advances in new media and digital technology, they remain firmly founded in improvisational practices or experimental approaches to musical instruments and the human voice.

Borderline Festival 2012 12 will cover a wide range of musical practices and sounds.  

•    Erdem Helvacioglu will be reworking the sounds of his home city in Farewell Istanbul, intervening in the urban soundscape on a hybrid, futuristic instrument of his own devising: the “TogaMan Electric GuitarViol”.

•    Trevor Wishart, an important figure in contemporary English music with a significant body of writings, compositions and research to his name going back to the 1970s, will be presenting a performance for solo voice along with two electro-acoustic works.

•    Spunk, the Norwegian quartet of young female improvisers, create a homogenous, free-form sound-meld with multiple references and roots that can be traced back to jazz, contemporary experimentation and improvisation or perhaps to electronic music, contemporary composition and performance in its broadest sense. For this concert, they will be joined by the visual artist Andreas Paleologos (live drawings).

•    The members of the electronic and electro-acoustic Floridis / Zingaro / Montera trio have long been at the cutting edge of the European improvisation and contemporary music scene. Over the years, the sonic palette of their acoustic instruments has evolved, initially in an electric and later in an electronic direction. Improvisation and easy cross-overs between electronic and acoustic music will definitely be keynotes of their concert at Borderline 2012.

8 Apr 2012

20:00 Upper Stage
Free admission


Lecture by Trevor Wishart


4 - 9 Apr 2014

21:00 Upper Stage
One-day ticket: 18€ | Concs 10€
Two-day ticket: 28€ | Concs 16€
Three-day ticket: 38€ | Concs 24€

Unemployed 5€ (per day)
The entrance to the parallel actions and the installations is free.



Borderline Festival '14

26 - 28 Apr 2013

Upper Stage
One-day ticket: 15 € | Concs 10 €
Two-day ticket: 21 € | Concs 14 €
Three-day ticket: 27 € | Concs 18 €


Borderline Festival '13

31 Mar 2011

21:00 Upper Stage
One-day ticket: 20 € | Concs 15 €
Two-day ticket: 35 € | Concs 25 €
Three-day ticket: 50 € | Concs 35 €


Borderline Festival Pierre Bastien & Phonophani / Thomas Ankersmit / Phill Niblock