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Prince Dimitrie Cantemir

En Chordais

8 November 2011
Upper Stage
The “Literature: people’s stories” cycle seeks to shed light on individual life stories which can go so far as to influence a nation.
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Among a great deal else, he played the ney and wrote a treatise on music in Greek. An important composer and music theorist, he also invented his own system of musical notation and discovered an entirely new rhythm, the zar-beyn [the prince’s cube]. However, Dimitrie Cantemir, a Rumanian prince born in the Crimea in 1673 who is usually considered one of Constantinople’s Greek composers, was much else besides: a historian, geographer, ethnologist, novelist and—above all—a politician. The son of the Voivode of Moldavia, he became the ruler of the trans-Danubian principality in his own right in the early 18th century, when he succeeded his main political rival, Nikolaos Mavrokordatos. However unfamiliar his name may be to us now, Cantemir, the polyglot scholar who was one of the most significant intellectuals in the history of south-eastern Europe, was very much the product of Constantinople’s Phanariot culture and fertile climate.

The “Literature: people’s stories” cycle seeks to shed light on individual life stories which, having acquired a mythic dimension by being set down on paper in book form, can go so far as to influence a nation’s cultural, social and even political life.


Thanasis Angelou: Professor of Byzantine History, University of Ioannina
Kyriakos Kalaitzidis: Ph.D. (Byzantine Musicology): Artistic Director of the “En Chordais” ensemble
Stefanos Pesmazoglou: Professor of Political Science & History, co-editor of Syghrona Themata political and scientifical review
Paschalis Kitromilidis: Professor at the University of Athens, Director of the National Hellenic Research Foundation’s Institute for Neohellenic Research

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