The Merchants of Nations / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

The Merchants of Nations

by Alexandros Papadiamantis

Tuesday 25 & Wednesday 26 October and Tuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 November
Upper Stage
8 € per student
The OPERA theatre company was founded in 2000. Its mission: to research and raise awareness of music theatre. Its productions stand out for the way in which their component parts—the spoken word, music, song, movement—are not subject to a given hierarchy. Instead, they are set to a different—musical, theatrical, kinesiological—score each time, which allows the individual elements to interleave and produce new expressive structures. A vibrant presence on the Greek theatre scene for a decade now, OPERA has a string of productions to its credit in which, directed by Thodoris Abazis, they have explored elements of the on-stage code and pioneered a range of forms, some of them syntheses, some of them not.

This year, to mark the centenary of the death of Alexander Papadiamantis, OPERA is presenting a staged work based on the author’s second novel, The Merchants of Nations (1882). Set in the Venetian-ruled Aegean against the political backdrop of a widening gulf between East and West, the work examines how human nature can transcend itself when in the throes of an erotic passion.

The production takes a synthetic approach to the work, combining the on-stage narrative with music to present a multi-faceted, multi-layered 19th-century text written in Papadiamantis’ inimitable style through a 21st-century theatrical prism.

The actors and musician use words, music and an on-stage synthesis of the two in which speech, notes and movement are combined in expressive gestures that add a symbolic dimension to events. The chorus interchanges with individual voices, the narrative with the dramatic, the theatrical with the musical. A production which can be linked to the curriculum and provide material for further exploration and alternative readings of Papadiamantis’ work.


Text: Alexandros Papadiamantis
Dramaturgy: Elsa Andrianou
Direction-Music: Thodoris Abazis
Set Design-Costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou
Video: Stathis Anastasiou
Choreography: Zoe Hatziantoniou
Lighting Design: Alekos Anastasiou
Assistant to the Director: Nefeli Maistrali
2nd Assistant to the Director: Alexandros Chryssanthopoulos
With: the actors Konstandinos Avarikiotis, Georgina Daliani, Kostas Kallivretakis, Nestoras Kopsidas, Maria Parasyri, Danae Saridaki,
and the musicians Iakovos Pavlopoulos and Sophia Efklidou
Co-production: Onassis Cultural Centre, OPERA Theatre Company, Municipal & Regional Theatre of Kavala

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Aimed at:
secondary-school children aged 12-18


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25 Oct 2011

19:00 Main Stage
Free entrance


Alexandros Papadiamantis The author and his heroes

22 Oct 2011

23:30 Upper Stage


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