Sofia Vienopoulou

On Thursdays and Fridays, 10 November 2011 - 4 May 2012
5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
8 € per child (including the workshop)
The theatrical process rediscovers its essential educational role in the form of teenage theatre. By steering well clear of didacticism and putting dilemmas that are directly relevant to the youth of today on stage in language they recognize as their own, teenage theatre can get young people thinking and—perhaps even more importantly—mould active citizens in an age of crisis. The Grasshopper company has long been in the vanguard of Greek teenage theatre, headed by the director and child psychologist, Sofia Vienopoulou. Here, they present a new work from the celebrated author, Vangelis Hatziyannidis, which was especially written for this production.
A secret puts a group of teenagers’ friendship to the test and unsettles an entire school. Just press a button on a DVD player and the truth will be out: the screen will catch fire! At critical moments like these, how are you supposed to regard the private lives of others, and how are you meant to deal with your own secrets? Light off the Screen uses computers and projectors to speak daringly and perceptively about the dilemmas facing teenagers and the critical decisions they have to make.

The performance is followed up by an experiential workshop especially adapted for schoolchildren and staged by the Educational Programmes Department in collaboration with the company’s theatre specialists, who are also experienced educationalists. The workshop includes a discussion and exchange of views and stimuli with the actors and other members of the team, as well as experiential games, exercises and a series of educational activities. The programme aims to familiarize the participants with theatre and cinema techniques, to help them reflect on the stimuli they received from the production, and to guide them to an understanding of how their personal and social quests can find expression and release through theatre.

Specifically, the students will be given the opportunity to dwell on concepts of crucial importance to their lives, including:

•    Character formation and the protection of privacy
•    Media literacy
•    Accepting a role and responsibility in a society-in-formation
The material resulting from the interaction over six months with the public (meaning children from different schools) will be incorporated into performances of the play at the Onassis Cultural Centre (Upper Stage) on May 11-13, 2012.

Before- and After-Visit Activities

Before your visit to the OCC: Using the educational pack

The educational pack designed for use before a theatre visit contains practical ideas and guidance for teachers in planning lessons and fully exploiting the production in class. The material’s methodology combines active participation (in the form of research, interviews, questionnaires) with experiential methods (such as improvisation and writing-in-role) and educational drama (e.g. the Theatre of the Image) to guide the students to think creatively and critically about their lives and teenage issues in the context provided by the play.

After your visit to the OCC: School visits

We visit selected school theatre groups to help them stage their own short actions relating to the issues raised by the production! Visits can be arranged with the Centre’s Educational Programmes Department.

All actions take place in collaboration with secondary schools and teachers, should they chose to take part in the Secondary Education Departments Cultural and Health Education Programmes.


Text: Vangelis Hatziyannidis
Direction: Sofia Vienopoulou
Set Design-Costumes: Eva Manidaki
Choreography-Movement: Stavroula Siamou
Video Direction: Kostas Haidalis
Sound Design-Music Supervisor: Henri Kergomard
Lighting Design: Filippos Koutsaftis
Assistant to Dramaturgy: Katerina & Panagiota Konstandinakou
Assistant to the Director: Katerina Skourli
With: Antonis Antonopoulos, Vagelis Kraniotis, Thanasis Megalopoulos, Theano Metaxa, Natassa Papandreou

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Aimed at:
school children aged 13-18

Teachers who would like their class to attend one of our educational programmes or performances of interest to children of school age should contact Myrto Lavda, the head of our Educational Programmes Department either via e-mail ( or by phone (2130178034).

10 Nov 2011 - 13 May 2012

19:00 5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
12 € | Concs 10 €


Sofia Vienopoulou "Screenlight" by Vangelis Hatziyannidis