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Tracing the 20th century

A sonic kaleidoscope with Camerata

18 & 22/11/2011, 17 & 24/1, 21 & 24/2, 20/3 & 15/5/2012
7 € per student
The programme’s overarching aim is to cultivate the participants’ musical sensibilities and to prepare them to encounter and actively engage with the string instruments. They will be offered this unique opportunity by the Camerata, one of Greece’s finest orchestras. More specifically, focusing on the repertoire and musical trends of the 20th century (through classical to film music and from the experimental to entechno Greek song and pop), the children will become familiar with the contemporary musical idiom and the new horizons that have so enriched our listening pleasure. The participants will learn about the strings in a lively atmosphere, building bridges through discussion and the exchange of views, while the repertoire provides a stimulus for further discussion about orchestration, timbre, a given instrument’s role in the ensemble, rhythm, accompaniment and structure—all accompanied by examples played on the spot. The participants have an important role to play in the activity, which is guided throughout by their needs and desires, their responses and contributions to the dialogue. Questions may well emerge about the music or, perhaps, the musicians’ lives (what is a typical day like, for instance?), but one thing is for certain: this educational performance is sure to provide the stimulus for any number of in-class activities!


The programme will be run by the composer, musician and teacher, Sofia Kamagianni.

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Friday 18 & Tuesday 22 November, Tuesday 17 & Tuesday 24 January, Tuesday 21 & Friday 24 February,
Tuesday 20 March and Tuesday 15 May


Aimed at:
Schoolchildren aged 9-13

T: 213 017 8004
Ms Myrto Lavda