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The Silent Step of the Bear

by Giorgos Koumendakis

The Silent Step of the Bear

On Wednesdays to Fridays, from 11 January to 3 February 2012
Upper Stage
A music theatre production which involves children as participants as well as observers, empowering them to frame new and creative questions about others and themselves rather than spoonfeeding them with answers.
8 € per student
The composer Giorgos Koumentakis has always loved fairy tales and myths, and many of his works enter into a dialogue with both. The Brothers Grimm fairytales (1996), for example, conversed with the world of classical myth in a production that was much loved by young and old alike. The Silent Step of the bear draws its inspiration from the world of contemporary literature, and more specifically from John Berger’s fairy tale, One bear.

A she-bear and an Other—man or beast, beautiful or ugly: we shall never know—are the protagonists of a story which unfolds in a room and the strangely fluid landscape of a city/village. The natural tendency to struggle with anything different gives way over the course of a journey of realization into our inner and outer worlds to conciliation, understanding and—ultimately—acceptance of otherness. The at first sight paradoxical silent step of a… wild beast traces a world of contrasts and contradictions—of difference, but also of unity—as it seeks to shed light on certain ‘other’ aspects of the world around us by engaging with music, images and the spoken word.

During the performance itself, the children are encouraged to actively participate musically and by creating their own sounds, their own voices and words. Their creative questions, too, contribute to the meaning and plot of the production by initiating a dialogue on the issue of difference.


Based on the fairytale One She-Bear by John Berger
Translation into Greek: Giannis Valourdos
Music compositions: Giorgos Koumendakis
Sounds composition: Coti K.
Direction: Angelos Frantzis
Video installation, Set and Costumes: Petros Touloudis
Actor: Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos
Songs composition and performance: Etten
Dramaturgy, texts editing and selection: Georgia Alevizaki
Educational coordination: Panagiotis Tsiridis 
Lighting design: Alekos Anastasiou
Konstandinos Raptis: bajan
Dionysis Roussos: sax
Gerasimos Tsagarakis: percussion

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Aimed at:
school children aged 8-12

T: 213 017 8004
Ms Myrto Lavda