Katerini Antonakaki / La main d΄oeuvres / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Katerini Antonakaki / La main d΄oeuvres

Environ 0.618

4 April 2011
Upper Stage
Starting with Martin Heidegger’s <em>Building, Dwelling, Thinking</em>, the production explores the role of space and objects in our everyday thought and praxis.
Where does Heidegger’s philosophical thought intersect with Le Corbusier’s architecture of ideas? How can the statics of a structure relate to the plasticity of a performer’s movement? In her new work entitled Environ 0.618, Katerini Antonakaki, an artist who has studied Dance but also Puppeteering, puts the performer at the epicentre of the genesis of an architectural structure in an effort to convey the conceptual debate on the nature of space and time on-stage. Operating within a framework whose coordinates remain fluid, she plays with the duality of Man’s relationship with space—as a subject who imposes form on it, as an object within it—and enters into a dialogue with the rest of the set, the sound and images, as the phases in the architectural construction unfold. While a hybrid structure gradually takes shape, a series of events—a mirror frame functioning as a window, the coloured motif on the performer’s dress being transformed into wall-paper— frame her everyday and transform the home into the familiar. The shadows and low lighting essentially convey what is missing from the space: another dimension, visible as much as it is imaginary, perfect for imaginatively combining the variations in the action, of making the minor believable. What is it each of us defines as home? Ultimately, the viewer is impressed by the artist’s multifacetedness, not just because she works in different media to set the scene for her staged world, but because she devotes herself, as an authentic artist, to the melding of heterogeneous elements in a manner which combines artful minimalism and playfulness. And all this transubstantiated into a living spectacle which can speak directly to children as much as to adults by allowing them to observe the ‘grown-up world’ in miniature.


Direction, Performance and Music: Katerini Antonakaki
Artistic support and Set: Sébastien Dault
Co-production: Spectacle Vivant en PicardieInstitut International de la Marionnette.
The production was realized with the aid of Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, Pôle des Arts de la Marionnette en Région Picardie, Maison du Théâtre d’Amiens and Musée de Picardie.
The company La main d’œuvres receives financial aid from the Picardie Ministry of Culture, as well as from various local cultural commissions in Picardie (DRAC Picardie, Conseil Régional de Picardie, Conseil Général de la Somme).

26 Mar 2011

12:00 5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
€15 per participant, €12 for siblings


From object to movement