After-performance talk with Yves Jacques / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

After-performance talk with Yves Jacques

Robert Lepage / Ex Machina

14 October 2011
Main Stage
After-talk performance with Yves Jacques, actor of <em>The Far Side of the Moon</em>.
After-talk performance with Yves Jacques, actor of The Far Side of the Moon.

His professional journey led him from his native Quebec City to Montreal, and then drove him to Paris, where he’s been playing since, on stage as well as in movies.

Le déclin de l’empire américain (D. Arcand) confirmed his talent, and his renown grew steadily with movies and theatrical productions in France and in Quebec. He met again with his fellow actors of Le déclin in Les invasions barbares (D. Arcand) and he played in La petite Lily (C. Miller), Un homme et son péché (C. Binamé), the historical epic by Yves Simoneau, Napoléon and in La veuve de Saint-Pierre (P. Leconte), among others.

He is currently touring the world with Robert Lepage’s play The Far Side of the Moon, in its French and English versions, with which he’s charming European, North-American, Japanese and Asian audiences.

The Montreal audience welcomed is performance in May 2003 at the TNM. In 2008, he was Samuel de Champlain as he took part of the Québec City's 400th anniversary celebration. At the moment, he is working for Quebec directors Léa Pool on Une belle mort and Alain Desrochers’s Cabotins.


Chaired by Katia Arfara, Head of Theatre and Dance Department at the Onassis Cultural Centre.

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