After-performance talk with RootlessRoot / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

After-performance talk with RootlessRoot


16 February 2011
Upper Stage
After-performance talk with the choreographers/dancers of Eyes in the Colors of the Rain Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Fruček.

RootlessRoot Company was founded by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Fruček in 2006 in Athens. They built their own language of physical expression that is chaotic, raw, and can stay in opposition to what surrounds them both culturally and politically. Their approach is born out of their belief that the time of heroes is not gone, and the body can still express our innermost desires, our feelings and our vision.

Works: “Sudden Showers of Silence” (2007), "Holdin’ Fast” (2007, co-produced and performed by Dot 504), “Burned Tree Is Visiting Athens before Next Summer” (2008, created for Benaki Museum), “100 Wounded Tears” (2009, co-produced and performed by Dot 504), “UNA” [unknown negative activity] (2009), “Drawing a Tiger like a Dog” (2009, produced and performed by Helsinki Dance Company), “Making of a Young Girl” (2010, produced and performed by Norrdans Dance Company), “Giving Birth to Thousand Years of Sorrow” (2010, produced and performed by Staadsteater Kassel Dance Company).

Their performances were presented in Czech Republic, UK, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Cyprus and South Korea.

They have been selected for Aerowaves 2008, London, nominated for Total Theatre Award 2008 as Best Young Company, and received Sazka Award 2008 (the most important dance award in the Czech Republic) for interpretation; Herald Angel Award 2009 at Edinburgh Festival as well as Special Commendation at the Total Theatre Awards 2009 at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Chaired by Yorgos Mitropoulos, journalist

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