After-performance talk with Katerini Antonakaki / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

After-performance talk with Katerini Antonakaki

Katerini Antonakaki / La main d΄oeuvres

28 March 201104 April 2011
Upper Stage
In her new work entitled Environ 0.618, Katerini Antonakaki, an artist who has studied Dance but also Puppeteering, puts the performer at the epicentre of the genesis of an architectural structure in an effort to convey the conceptual debate on the nature of space and time on-stage. Operating within a framework whose coordinates remain fluid, she plays with the duality of Man’s relationship with space—as a subject who imposes form on it, as an object within it—and enters into a dialogue with the rest of the set, the sound and images, as the phases in the architectural construction unfold. A living spectacle which can speak directly to children as much as to adults by allowing them to observe the ‘grown-up world’ in miniature.


After-performance talks:

Monday 28 March: with the artist Katerini Antonakaki and the visual artist Zafos Xagoraris.

Monday 4 April: with the artist Katerini Antonakaki, the architect and writer Aristides Antonas and the architect Panagiotis Tournikiotis.