Workshop: The Mona Lisa’s Dream / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Workshop: The Mona Lisa’s Dream

Anima Théâtre

On Saturdays, 24 & 31 March 2012
5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
20 € per child and 10 € per parent for the cycle
A two-part workshop for parents and children aged 5-8 which brings participants young and old into contact with art in an enjoyable and amusing way! Looking at photocopies of images from art down the ages, we will pool our imaginations to brainstorm what stories they could be telling. Later, when children and parents have created imaginary characters together using the collage technique, the two-dimensional puppets will come to life in short theatrical scenes we have created together.


The workshop cycle will be led by the Anima company.

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Aimed at:
parents and children aged 5-8

Participants must attend both sessions

T: 213 017 8004
Ms Myrto Lavda