Mona Lisa's Dream

Anima Théâtre

Anima Théâtre

26 - 30 March 2012
Upper Stage
8 € per student
In 1911, an Italian worker employed at the Louvre stole the Mona Lisa. Although the French authorities searched everywhere for the painting, it was to no avail, and for two long years the Mona Lisa remained hidden under her abductor’s bed. But what happened to her, concealed from the eyes of the world for so long? She lived an incredible adventure, that’s what: a dream journey through art and time, from her era to our own.

The production from Georgios Karakantzas and Marseille’s Anima theatre company unfolds on the frontier between theatre and the visual arts: paintings become landscapes through which the Mona Lisa journeys, characters come to life, and the Mona Lisa herself changes through her contact with contemporary art. The production seeks to give young children of three and up their first contact with the works of the great artists, but also takes the whole family on a scintillating journey through the history of art.


Concept-Dramaturgy: Georgios Karakantzas
Direction: Gilles Debenat
Performers: Georgios Karakantzas, Virginie Gaillard
Music composition: Stephane Chapoutot

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Aimed at:
school children aged 6-10

T: 213 017 8004
Ms Myrto Lavda