Visual expression workshop / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Visual expression workshop

From big to small

Aerites Dance Company / Patricia Apergi

On Sundays, 1 & 8 April 2012
5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
30 € for the cycle
The workshop starts with the children working by themselves and ends in a group project. The youngsters are asked to create images based on their neighbourhoods, their friends and their favourite things. Experimenting with the images leads to a realization of how their neighbourhood forms part of a contemporary urban landscape, or how important a role every little personal/familiar thing can play in the creation–with painting pads and photography–of a large-scale collective work.

Then, having blown up the children’s creations by 400% and photocopied them, the group springs into collective action, overpainting the copied images with acrylic paints and/or pastels to create a huge composite work which will be pasted up in the public space around the Onassis Cultural Centre. The use of posters as an illustration of the city is a common technique in contemporary graffiti.

The workshop references the familiar to get closer to the unfamiliar; inspired by the young, it seeks to enter into a dialogue with the city’s older residents.


The workshop will be led by the visual artist, Andreas Kasapis.

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Aimed at:
children aged 9-12

Participants must attend both sessions

T: 213 017 8004
Ms Myrto Lavda

24 Mar - 7 Apr 2012

12:00 Dance Room
45 € for the cycle


The dance of 2112