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In search of a rhythm of my own

A multi-art expression workshop

04, 11 February 201211:00
Dance Room
30 € for the course
The aim of this multi-art expression workshop is to give a group of teenagers an opportunity to explore the concept of identity and express themselves in a creative way through contact with the theatre, contemporary dance and music.

The subject is introduced by means of a movement action by Antigone Avdi backed by sounds composed by Reynaldo Young. Taking the action and relevant texts as their starting point, the young people will then explore questions of identity through experiential theatre activities: “Who am I? What would I like to become? What are my dreams and desires? What life values do I espouse? How can I deal with the difficulties I encounter? What gives me strength?”. The participants will be able to play different roles, experience situations from a different point of view, better understand themselves in relation to others, and recognize their uniqueness. At the same time, they will have a chance to express their feelings about the world in an abstractive way through movement and sound.

Not prior experience of theatre, dance or music is required.


The workshop will be led by:
Avra Avdi (philologist, drama/theatre teacher)
Melina Hadjigeorgiou (drama/theatre teacher, educator)
Antigone Avdi (performer, choreographer)
Reynaldo Young (composer, workshop animateur)

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Aimed at:
Teenagers 13-18 years

Participants have to attend both meetings

T: 213 017 8004
Ms Myrto Lavda