Falk Richter Masterclass / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Falk Richter Masterclass

The political and the personal in a theatre that combines dance, text and music

Schaubühne Berlin

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 May 2012
Dance Room
40 € (please see Requirements at this page) *
Falk Richter is one of Europe's most important theatre writers and directors. His plays analyze the political situation and the physical and psychological state of the modern Western individual. Richter writes about the elite of the economic world, their way of thinking and acting as well as the affect these ideologies of efficiency and economic growth have on the individual.

The performances TRUST and PROTECT ME that he created together with the choreographer Anouk van Dijk, with a group of musicians and actors from the acclaimed Berlin Schaubühne and dancers from Anouk van Dijk's Amsterdam based dance company, have traveled all over Europe, North America and Australia.

The work talks about collapsing systems, the collapse of faith and the lack of trust in any existing political or economic institution in the aftermath of the big economic crisis in the new millennium. And it talks about how the economical world affects the emotional world of the individual, how the same economic strategies are used in financial as well as in personal relationships. How does it affect us that we live in a permanent state of emergency and that the talk of the crisis never seems to end? How does the ideology of the market effect our everyday way of feeling, inter-acting and thinking - in personal and professional relationships. And how do we bring these issues into a theatre that is vibrant, emotional, and visceral?

In the masterclass Falk Richter will discuss his work, and talk about how political and personal questions can merge into a performance. How do you build a performance if text is not the starting point, how can you bring dancers and actors together into a working process? How do you deal with improvisations, how can they be developed into a final stage version?
The masterclass will have a more theoretical part where Richter will talk with the participants about the possibilities of modern political writing and parts from his plays will be read (in the Greek or English translation) with the participants. There will be a more practical part where the participants will go on stage and improvise together on text and movement and will evaluate these improvisations together.

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Aimed at:
Dramaturges, writers and directors (professionals and students who are in their last year of studies)

* Requirements:
English proficiency is required. CV in English. Reading of following plays (Greek translations distributed by Goethe Institut):

30 € (prior to entrance for first day of the masterclass) at the ground floor of the Onassis Cultural Centre.
10 € (for the dossier with the material-translations of plays for reading)
The material will be taken from Goethe Institut (Omirou Str. 14-16, 10033 Athens), from Monday 7th of May from 9:00-14:00.

Places are limited, so please apply with a CV in English by Wednesday 2nd of May 2012 to education@sgt.gr (Attention: Myrto Lavda). We will be in touch with you by Tuesday 8th of May 2012.

-On youtube.com participants can find excerpts from Falk Richter's work. Look for excerpts on youtube from "FALK RICHTER TRUST" "FALK RICHTER UNTER EIS" "FALK RICHTER PROTECT ME" "FALK RICHTER PLAY LOUD"
-Bring comfortable extra clothes for the imporvisation part!