Sofia Vgenopoulou

"Right of Passage" by Yannis Tsiros

5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
Sophia Vgenopoulou, the director and artistic director of the Grasshopper theatre company, enlisted the talents of Yannis Tsiros to write a new play for teenagers.
5 € per student
Following on from its success last season at the OCC, and maintaining its commitment to a political theatre for young people determined to make sense of their world, the Grasshopper Theatre Company has commissioned Yannis Tsiros to write a new Greek play for a cast of young people—“that understated force of anger”, as he appositely describes them, “that explodes from time to time, bursting into flames and startling adult society, sedated or preoccupied as it is”.

Right of Passage employs an ever-popular form, the psychological/political thriller, to study the phenomenon of youth activism, focusing on the purity of its motivations and the unpredictability of its consequences. Three students in their final year of secondary education are determined to fight for their ideals. Spurred into action by their ecological objections to the way in which water—our planet’s ‘blue gold’—is owned and managed, they play an active role in a kidnapping. What responsibilities will they come up against? What lines should not be crossed? And who is the real enemy? This testing of limits through extreme behavior is a rite of passage: it is the only way an adolescent can achieve true adulthood.


Text: Yannis Tsiros
Direction: Sophia Vgenopoulou
Set Design-Costumes: Eva Manidaki
Choreography-Movement: Stavroula Siamou
Video Direction: Kostas Haidalis
Sound Design-Music Supervisor: Henri Kergomard
Lighting Design: Filippos Koutsaftis
Assistant to Dramaturgy: Katerina & Panagiota Konstandinakou
Assistant to the Director: Katerina Skourli
2nd Assistant to the Director: Glykeria Stravodimou
With: Thanasis Megalopoulos, Theano Metaxa, Michalis Panadis, Elina Rizou

Production: Onassis Cultural Centre

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Ms Myrto Lavda