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MP6: Contemporary Art Festival from the Arab World

Mohammad Al Attar

2012, March 10
Upper Stage
45 min
How do we document the detention experiences in Syria during the current uprising? What does the document in this context mean?
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The event is a Marathon of Solos and Performances session of Meeting Points 6

Can you please look at the camera? (2011)

How do we document the detention experiences in Syria during the current uprising? And what does the document in this context really mean? Is it a narration of reliable and objective facts only? But what about the personal perspectives and the emotional reactions of the detainees?

Nora, the amateur film maker, is recording the testimonies of some fellow Syrians who were illegally detained. This clear mission soon turns to be a devastating one; Nora is confused while facing questions like: is recording what concretely happened the most important thing? Or is it more important to bring out all the stories with all vague memories, as a step to push us to reconsider things differently?

While Nora is spending more time with the interviewees, they stopped to be just the subject of her documentary piece, they crossed too far inside her personal space.

The text is a mixture of true and fictional stories; some details are narrated as exactly happened with real characters who have been recently detained. However the plot and the characters in the text are all fictional.

Playwright, dramaturge and drama practitioner Mohammad Al Attar is a graduate in English Literature Faculty - Damascus University (2002) and Theatrical Studies Faculty - the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (2002). Al Attar also received MA degree in Applied Drama from Goldsmiths College, University of London (2010), with focus on the ‘Political and Social Role of Theatre’. In 2006 he joined the Studio Theatre Company in Damascus, participating in several interactive projects in rural areas; and he was the dramaturge of some of the company’s plays including Samah (2008), a collective improvisation performance with group of young prisoners from Damascus Juvenile Institute. Al Attar worked as a dramaturge for many productions: Al Merwad Wa Al Mekhala directed by Omar Abu Saada; Henrik Ibsen’s The Enemy of the People directed by Yaser Abedllatif. Al Attar also wrote the text for the street performance Sandouk Al Kar directed by Bissan Al-Sharif. His play Withdrawal was published in English and Arabic, and was adapted for performances and readings in: London, New York, New Delhi, Berlin, Tunisia and Beirut. His play Online was premiered at Royal Court Theatre - London, as part of the rehearsed readings event After the Arab Spring. Al Attar career as a writer includes several unpublished texts and numerous critical contributions published in many magazines and newspapers.


Can you please look at the camera? (2011)

Text: Mohammad Al Attar
Director: Omar Abu Saada
Performers: Lama Hakin, Fatina Laila, Jamal Choukair, Wessam Talhouq

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Arabic with surtitles in Greek

11 Mar 2012

12:00 Dance Room
Free admission


MP6: Contemporary Art Festival from the Arab World Workshop with Οmar Abu Saada and Μohammad Al Attar