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The brave new world of Higgs

20 March 2012
Upper Stage
Free entrance
"The main characteristic of matter, from which everything else is produced, is mass. All the fundamental constituents of matter, quarks, leptons..., have mass and according to the Standard Model of Particle physics, this mass is generated from the Higgs mechanism, proposed back in 1964!

We had to wait for 50 years in order to 'see', finally, the first tantalizing hints for the existence of the Higgs boson/particle at the LHC experiments at CERN.This discovery goes beyond the limited interests of just a group of physicists, as it answers one of the biggest questions of all times: WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF MASS? The (experimentally based) answer to this grand question should be of interest to all of us
and will be the gist of my talk."
- Dimitri Nanopoulos


Dimitri Nanopoulos: Distinguished Professor of Theoretical Physics, Texas A&M University, USA

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