The genuine play

On Saturday 21st of April and on Sundays 22, 29 April and 6th of May 2012
Dance Room
A workshop for children aged 10 months up to 2 years, with their parents.
20 € per child and 20 € per adult for the course (participants must attend all four sessions)
We play at the children’s level, at their height, as playmates in a game without winners and losers, without competition and aggression.

Genuine play is direct and spontaneous; it is not lexical. It cultivates children’s emotional intelligence by encouraging them to engage with their inner selves, with others and with their surroundings. In so doing, it helps build deeply trustful, secure and accepting relationships.

Genuine play encourages children to express themselves physically and emotionally; at the next stage in their development, free creative expression is combined with activities encouraging movement and aesthetic and symbolic perception. This combination promotes the children’s self-knowledge while broadening their self-image, boosting their body image and enhancing their cognitive and emotional intelligence.

Over the series of four sessions at the Onassis Cultural Centre, participants will experience genuine play and learn about its underlying philosophy while simultaneously exploring their personal potential through visual games, movement improvisations and games of expression for pairs and groups. The experiential nature of the meetings will help participants turn their experience into practice.
The workshop cycle is designed for a parent-toddler group.

The parents, who will be encouraged to release their inner child, will be provided with the means (games, artistic materials, modes of non-lexical communication) they need to come closer to an understanding of their children and to a greater acceptance of their common needs.


The workshop is led by the choreographer and dance teacher, Maria Koliopoulou, and by the psychologists-psychotherapists, Ageliki Kalantzopoulou and Vana Koliopoulou.

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Aimed at:
parents with toddlers (10 months – 2 years old)