Lecture by Trevor Wishart / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Lecture by Trevor Wishart

Borderline Festival 2012

8 April 2012
Upper Stage
30 minutes
Free admission
Trevor Wishart (b.1946) is a key figure in contemporary English music. A tireless researcher into spheres including tape manipulations and software design, he has also distinguished himself as a composer working in a range of digital media.

His music reflects his all-embracing, anthropocentric interest in pluralism and the references that resonate with human language; interests which constant, vibrant interaction transubstantiates into an oeuvre which includes books (On Sonic Art, Audible Design), educational projects, vocal works and original electro-acoustic compositions (the best-known of which include Red Bird, Globalalia and Imago) driven by the human voice and animal sounds.

His work has received awards from internationally respected electronic music organizations including Ars Electronica (1995), Giga-Hertz (2008) and the Bourges Festival.

Appearing solo at the Borderline Festival, he will present an improvised vocal set which is both far removed from any notions of ‘song’ and eschews electronic media, along with two of his electro-acoustic works—Imago and Globalalia—as active diffusions.

All of which is indicative of quests centred, firstly, on the primal and semantically multi-valued qualities of the human voice and song, and conducted through a lively and intense musical praxis, and secondly on unpredictable, rich, often collage-like electro-acoustic compositions which express his interest in a purely personal sound transformation and the infusing of the concrete sound experience with social dimensions. The latter serve as a starting point for the development of his own personal mythology, his critical/political thinking, and his sonic reformation.

The lecture, which is free and aimed at the general public, addresses the art of composing with real-world sounds, and especially the human voice.

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30 minutes