RootlessRoot feat. John Parish / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

RootlessRoot feat. John Parish


17 - 28 October 2012 (no shows on Mondays & Tuesdays)
Main Stage
Performing to the sounds of live music from John Parish, RootlessRoot reveal the savage beauty of dance.
15 - 18 - 28 €
Concs 10 - 12- 15 €
In Kireru,  which means ‘outburst’ in Japanese, the white landscape of the stage set will be seared by a white hot wave of anger. A sea of white plastic cutlery will noisily recede as the eight wonderful dancers from five different countries who collaborate with RootlessRoot bring their high voltage, untrammeled, exhilaratingly liberating dance to the stage. Encompassing both the nostalgic and the harsh, Parish’s music will accompany a performance/manifesto which begins with the statement: “First, we will devour all your horses”. In Kireru, dance and sculpture become one as, expressing our innermost fears about the world in a constant struggle, the dancers constantly refashion a stage set made of soft clay with the energy they release. In the state of terrifying pressure in which we live and in which we are all victims and perpetrators at one and the same time, RootlessRoot choose to dream of the moment when the mental boundaries of the civilized Westerner snap, allowing the body to express itself with absolute freedom.

Kireru premieres at the OCC, Athens, and then will tour around Europe.


Directing & Choreography: RootlessRoot (Linda Kapetanea / Jozef Fruček)
Music by: John Parish
Live Music: John Parish and his Band
Visual Concept: RootlessRoot & Paris Mexis
Set Design: Paris Mexis
Costume Design: Isabelle Lhoas & Frederick Denis
Dramaturgy: Martin Kubran
Light Design: Lefteris Pavlopoulos
Created and performed by: Emilios Arapoglou, Paul Blackman, Konstandina Eftimiadou, Annamari Keskinen, Daniel Raček, Manuel Ronda, Diogenis Skaltsas, Aggeliki Trompouki
Musicians: John Parish (guitars, keyboards), Jean Marc Butty (drums, keyboards), Giovanni Ferrario (bass, keyboards, guitar), Jeremy Hogg (guitars)
Sound Engineer for John Parish Band: Marco Tagliola
Props development: Iliana Skoulaki
Technical Director: Manolis Vitsaxakis
Sound Engineer for Rootlessroot: Kostis Pavlopoulos
Set Design Assistants: Manto Psychountaki & Afroditi Chatzisokrati
Trailer Creation: Aristides Zaglis
Graphic Design by: Beetroot

Part of the texts of the performance are taken from Daniil Kharms' (Daniel Charms) The Blue Notebook (translated in Greek by Rodoula Pappa, Greek edition by Nefeli Publications, 2010, Athens). The work and life of Daniel Charms have been some of the inspiration elements of Kireru. RootlessRoot kindly thanks Mrs Rodoula Pappa and the Nefeli Publications for their kind and important cooperation.
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre
Production Management – Public Relations: RootlessRoot,  Alexandros Vrettos, Vasso Vassilatou

23 Oct 2012

10 €


Masterclass in record production with John Parish

19 Oct 2012

22:00 Main Stage


After-performance talk with RootlessRoot