Digitized 2012

A one-day conference dedicated to digital design

15 September 2012
Upper Stage
Tomorrow's digital design.
35 € (50 € during the final week of bookings)
Concs 25 €
Digitized could well be the most important event ever held in Greece in the field of visual creativity using digital media. It will give all those people who usually spend their days glued to a computer screen the chance to quit their keyboards and gather under a single roof to exchange views, opinions, experiences, ideas and inspiration at the OCC. Websites, multimedia and mobile applications--especially the most creative and interesting aspect of all three: design--are on the agenda for presenters and audience alike. Guests at this year’s event will include the legendary North Kingdom from Sweden, and the group’s senior art director, Nils Arvidsson, will be among the presenters.

Official website: http://www.digitized.gr

Video form 2011 conference: http://youtu.be/Z_5_x7_6ptY