Toumani Diabaté Quartet / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Toumani Diabaté Quartet

2 December 2012
Main Stage
Mali’s harp and musical DNA with a tradition going back 71 generations!
18 – 25 – 32 €
Concs 10 – 12 – 15 €
He was born in 1965, though, as a member of a caste of musicians that is now in its 71st generation, he actually goes back two thousand years. Born with art in his genes, he started to play the kora when he was five years old. His father Sidiki (1922-1996) was an acknowledged master of this twenty-one-string instrument; known as the “king of the kora”, he was a West African legend. Toumani grew up with the sounds of an ancient heritage, but with those of his generation, too: Hendrix, rock, soul, jazz…

His first album with Sidiki (1987) and his first solo disc the following year were both artistic and commercial triumphs. Another twelve albums would follow, along with two Grammies and countless live appearances. He was the musician who introduced the kora to the world. Through a series of interactions with artists from other genres and traditions including flamenco, the blues, art-rock, jazz and Latin, Toumani Diabaté has combined a willingness to embrace the new with a certainty in his roots, which “go back further than Bach”. He will be coming to Athens with his quartet to play an Afro-polystylistic programme of music covering his entire career.


Toumani Diabaté Quartet

Toumani Diabaté: kora
Fode Kouyaté: drums
Fanta Mady Kouyaté: guitar
Mohamed Koita: bass

2 Dec 2012

18:00 Dance Room
Free admission


Presentation by Toumani Diabaté