2 - 6 January 2013
Main Stage
The Greek musician returns with a series of personal concerts at the OCC and with a new album.
18 - 25 - 32 €
Μειωμ. 10 - 15 €
Monika kicks off 2013 at the OCC with a series of concerts to accompany the release of her third solo album. Dealing with the roots of her artistic and personal creativity for the first time, she presents her upcoming album, a work whose influences range from Motown to art pop. Using a single power as her catalyst—light—she explores the meandering obvious in emotional zigzags and the interaction between the overt and covert aspects of all human existence.

Setting forth from the wilderness of mental inertia and attaining catharsis as she understands it, these musical performances present the rare spectacle of melodic communication between the artist and her audience. Inspired by the eternal evolution of nature which has proved that the illuminated doesn’t always prevail, Monika asks what ultimately happens to our charismatic dark side.


Concept: Monika, Panos Theofanellis, Archangel Music
Production director: Antonis Zouganelis, Archangel Music
Light Designer: Giorgos Tellos, Lighting Art
Art Director: Aris Tsoutsas,
Sound Designer: Takis Spyropoulos,

Strobe lights will be used during the concert.