Stephanos Nasos & Apostolos Palios / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Stephanos Nasos & Apostolos Palios

Overtones and rhythms: two pianos

20 May 2013
Main Stage
Four hands performing works by four leading American composers of recent decades.
15 – 18 – 28 €
Concs 10 - 12 - 15 €
Tonight’s programme encompasses four decades of American composition: the ‘traditional’ minimalism of Steve Reich and John Adams alongside the unique soundscape of George Crumb and the equally singular—though more contemporary in its means—world of John Luther Adams.

All four composers have one important thing in common: their involvement in a good deal besides composing. Both Reich and John Adams have influenced musical life in the US through their writings and their work as organizers; John Luther Adam’s ecological campaigning is also well-known in musical circles, and all four have done important work as teachers—Crumb most of all, who has been at the same educational institution for over thirty years.

Our performers are two of the most highly respected Greek pianists of the younger generation. With noteworthy studies under their belts, numerous awards and a host of concerts and recordings to their names, their appearance together on the OCC stage should produce some riveting music.


John Adams (b.1947): Hallelujah Junction (1996), for two pianos 12'
George Crumb (b.1929): Otherworldly Resonances (Tableaux, vol. ΙΙ) (2005), for two pianos with electrical amplification / Greek première 20'
i. Double helix / ii. Celebration and ceremony / iii. Palimpsest


John Luther Adams (b.1953): Dark Waves (2007), for two pianos and electronic sounds / Greek première 12'
Steve Reich (b.1936): Piano Phase (1967), for two pianos 18-21'