1st Platform for young artists

1 - 3 June 2013
Upper Stage
Showcasing and supporting what’s new and contemporary in Greek theatre.
Free admission
Young Greek artists find a welcoming outlet for self-expression on the OCC stage. The “Stage” platform invites young and new artists to take part in a festival which aims to put the nation’s young theatrical talent in the limelight. The Festival is also an important showcase for contemporary Greek theatre, as well as a significant source of support.

The OCC remains committed to promoting Greece’s young artists and to helping the Greek cultural scene become more outward-looking. Supporting Greek artists remains one of our central goals, and we are proud to put our trust in artists as they take their first steps in the profession by opening their work up to the broadest possible audience.

The evaluation of the proposals and the artistic coordination of the three-day festival was in the hands of Stefanie Carp (Director of Performing Arts at Vienna’s Festwochen), in cooperation with Iliana Dimadi (theatre specialist - theatre critic), Grigoris Ioannidis (theatre critic and assistant professor of Drama Studies, University of Athens), Savas Patsalidis (theatre critic and professor of theatre history & theory in the School of English of Aristotle University, Thessaloniki) and Katia Arfara (theatre specialist, head of the Theatre and Dance department of the OCC).


Saturday 1 June 2013
19:00 (Whoever fell in love. Fell in love.) An on-stage propaganda piece in 13 didactic chapters
22:00 My first tic tac of all your seconds

Sunday 2 June 2013
19:00 My name’s Panagiotis and I’m Swedish
22:00 Direction: History

Monday 3 June 2013
19:00 Life
21:00 Conversation with the "Stage" festival curators and the artists

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