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Interior Design in Greece

Talking about interior design in Greece

15 February 2013
Upper Stage
Ηow do designers think and work?
When they design the spaces in which we live and work, interior designers and architects are shaping part of our everyday lives. Even if they haven’t decorated our home, we still feel their influence in the routes we take through the city: in the spaces in which we relax, shop and interact with the state and society.

Designers define people’s relationship with their environment on the basis of psychological and physical parameters. Their goal is to improve our quality of life, and the process pays financial, functional, aesthetic and social dividends as well as allowing for strategic thinking regarding multifaceted returns on investment.

But how do designers think and work? The second ESO mini-conference aims to bring together this creative community and afford us a closer look at the dynamics of interior design along with its quests, prospects and place in a Greek context.

This year’s speakers will include practitioners from A&M architects, Divercity, TDC, Decca, and Κοkkinou+Kourkoulas.