Minas Borboudakis & Felix Dreher / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Minas Borboudakis & Felix Dreher


16 February 2013
Upper Stage
All it takes is two men, cables, mixers, computers, filters, microphones, controllers and an on-stage piano to produce new sounds and forms.
18 € | Concs 10 €
Plugged!!! is a coming together of two musicians: a Greek pianist and a German electronic media performer. Their collaboration started out with a simple idea, extending the sound of a classical instrument in its conventional context and repertoire, which they subsequently developed and brought to fruition in works written for piano and pre-recorded material (Harvey, Kokoras, Borboudakis), and in free-form works (Riley) in which the sound is shaped and processed live.

In the concert's programme, the waves of the Saronic gulf meet the spectrally processed sound waves of the piano (Breakwater), flowing form and electronically processed sound are combined with the philosophy of Heracleitus (Ροαί III, Dataflow), the unique harmonies of Olivier Messiaen are relived via electronics (Tombeau de Messiaen), and the minimalist sound unfolds, giving the sense of a multi-dimensional space (In C).
There will be a short after-concert presentation of the works by the performers, and an open discussion.


Minas Borboudakis: piano & electronics
Felix Dreher: electronics & sound direction
Panayiotis Kokoras (b. 1974)
for piano tape
Jonathan Harvey (b. 1939)
Tombeau de Messiaen
for piano and tape
Minas Borboudakis (b. 1974)
Ροαί III (Dataflow)
for piano, synthetic and electro-acoustic sounds


Terry Riley (b. 1935)
In C
for piano and loop machine

16 Feb 2013

Upper Stage


After-performance talk with Minas Borboudakis