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Emotions in a time of uncertainty

A conversation of Simon Critchley and Kostas Yemenetzis

20 March 2013
Upper Stage
Two brilliant minds –one from Greece, one from abroad– discuss emotions in times of uncertainty and crisis.
Free admission
One of the most powerful, outspoken and original philosophers of our times, Simon Critchley, is coming to the OCC to speak and to converse with the Greek psychoanalyst Kostas Yemenetzis about Emotions in a time of uncertainty.

Anger, shame, love and revulsion are some of the emotions that surface in times of uncertainty and crisis, and they will provide the focus for the speakers and for the discussion, which is part of the "Talks and Thoughts" cycle.  

Simon Critchley is a professor at New School University, New York, and has taught at a number of European universities over the years as a visiting professor. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times, the Guardian and other important newspapers.

A restless spirit who has systematically studied ancient Greek philosophy among a wide range of other interests, the 53 year-old British philosopher wrote a book in 2008 that would become an international bestseller and a hit in Greece: The book of dead philosophers.

He traces the beginnings of philosophy to disappointment, religious or political, and asks questions about the nature of democracy in our age, about the need for a deepening and a renewal of the democratic concept, and about the relentless – though fruitless – pursuit of happiness in a society of material abundance and mental paucity.

Kostas Yemenetzis, who has written five books of his own and translated three by Martin Heidegger, studied Medicine in Thessaloniki and Philosophy and Psychology in Tübingen, Germany. He has worked as a psychiatrist and psychologist in Germany and Switzerland, and currently lives and works in Athens and Thessaloniki.


Simon Critchley:  Professor of Philosophy, New School University, New York
Kostas Yemenetzis: Doctor and Psychoanalyst

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